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Printing Prose. Lecture Series on Early German Prose

The lecture series by Henrike Lähnemann (Professor of Medieval German Literature and Linguistics) in Michaelmas Term 2022 at the Taylor Institution Library, Room 2, discusses German prose texts published in the first hundred years of printing. This includes a number of iconic texts written earlier such as the ‘Ackermann von Böhmen’ or transformed from verse …

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Ruth von Bernuth (Chapel Hill): Representing Otherness. Little People in the ‘Zwerchen Cabinet’ (Augsburg 1715)

Date: Friday 25 November, 3-4pm, Taylor Institution Library, Room 2 The talk will discuss the representation of otherness in an Augsburg publication from 1715 which provides a series of images of little people from different countries with captions in a number of languages, showing how this depends on the tradition developed by Sebastian Brant’s “Narrenschiff”. …

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