Recycling Parchment


Henrike Lähnemann took part in a webinar series organised by the ICON (The Institute of Conservation) Paper Conservation group – a fascinating series which started with two papers by Bodleian Library conservators; you can watch most of the previous talks on the “Conservation Together At Home” website and follow the hashtag #ConservationTogetherAtHome on twitter
About the talk: In March 2011, fragments of 23 medieval manuscripts were discovered sewn into the hems of dresses. These garments were made in the late 15th century by nuns at the Cistercian convent of Wienhausen (Northern Germany) to dress up sculpture groups for feast days. The talk explored these fragments and other forms of parchment recycling as part of late medieval reform movements.
Bibliography: Henrike Lähnemann, “Text und Textil. Die beschriebenen Pergamente in den Figurenornaten,” in: Charlotte Klack-Eitzen, Wiebke Haase and Tanja Weißgraf, Heilige Röcke. Kleider für Skulpturen in Kloster Wienhausen, Regensburg: Schnell & Steiner 2013, p. 71-78, here p. 72, ill. 64.

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Lecture on the Wienhausen Easter Play (2006) with a semi-staged performance by Henrike Lähnemann and Alderik Blom

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