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A Manuscript from the Charterhouse Erfurt in the Taylorian

By Maximilian Krümpelmann

Maximilian Krümpelmann explains the features of an unusual manuscript in the Taylor Institution Library, MS. 8° Germ. 1. Part of the History of the Book seminar series for Master students at the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages at the University of Oxford, lecturer: Prof. Henrike Lähnemann. For more information, follow the blog of the students https://historyofthebook.mml.ox.ac.uk/ and the twitter account of the Taylorian @TAYOxford

An update on 20 May 2023 during the Memorial Symposium for Nigel Palmer by Dr Balázs J. Nemes, in relation to his project to reconstruct the library of the Erfurt Charterhouse “Making Mysticism”. The latest version of the reconstruction.

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