Digital Humanities Student Projects

‘Digital Editions Live’ – Workshop 25 June 2021, 3-5pm

Methodology Workshop in cooperation with OCTET and Dark Archives Insights from the Series of ‘Digital Editions Live’ launches   Developing a framework for digital editing and exploring manuscripts online    Reflections on preparing digital editions in times of lockdown   Development of new digital methods for teaching History of the Book  Further Perspectives in conjunction with the Oxford Centre for …

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Student Projects

Unfinished Business? – Modern Revisions and The Intriguing Case of an Annotated Spanish Incunabulum.

Was there an attempt at a revised edition Alfonso de Palencia’s 15th century translation of Plutarch’s Parallel Lives? Were there even multiple attempts? Think back to your school days. You’re sitting in English class, feeling somewhat shell-shocked by Shakespeare, daunted by Dickens, or simply befuddled by the language of [insert name of difficult-to-read and long-since-departed …

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