Excerpt from Kafka's language learning notebook: Sprachforscher and Sprachforschung with Hebrew translations בַּלְשָׁן and בַּלְשָׁנוּת
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Kafka’s Languages

Who was Kafka? It is hard to escape Kafka at the moment in Oxford, with the Kafka24 celebrations marking 100 years since his death, on 3 June 1924. He is one of the most significant German-language authors of the 20th century, and the term Kafkaesque has become widely used to describe situations that are bewilderingly …

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Epic! Homer and Nibelungenlied in Translation

Exhibition in the Voltaire Room in the Taylor Institution Library from 20 to 27 May 2024 Download the exhibition catalogue To accompany the workshop ‘The Reading and Reception of the Homeric Poems and the Nibelungenlied in Germany and Europe from the Eighteenth Century to the Present‘ ‘Dieses Gedicht hat etwas iliadisches’‘There is something Iliad-like about this poem’ …

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Multilingual Monkcalves and Manuscripts. Working as Intern at Oxford

During Michaelmas Term 2023, Kira Kohlgrüber (Frankfurt) and Karen Wenzel (Augsburg) worked as research interns with Henrike Lähnemann. Here Kira reports on behalf of both of them on highlights of their time in the city, on working with manuscripts, Reformation pamphlets, and xml, and being part of the History of the Book group at the …

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Monk-Calf and Nuns on the Run. Two Reformation Pamphlets from 1523

For Volume 6 of the series ‘Reformation Pamphlets’, a team of Germanists from Halle and Oxford have edited two short polemical texts from 1523 held in the Taylorian by Martin Luther, dealing with the question whether monks and nuns should leave their monastic houses: Deutung der greulichen Figur des Mönchkalbs (‘Interpretation of the Gruesome Figure …

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