Treasures of the Taylorian

A tour by Emma Huber and Henrike Lähnemann for Meeting Minds

More information: http://blogs.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/taylorian and https://historyofthebook.mml.ox.ac.uk/

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The library has

  • 55 incunables
  • 1,359 titles from the 16th century
  • 3,447 from the 17th century,
  • 10,442 from the 18th century and
  • c. 41,800 from the 19th century.

Notable Dates and Names

  • 1845 Taylor Institution founded
  • 1874 Teaching Collection starts
  • Max Friedrich Müller (1823-1900, Professor of Modern European Languages)
  • Hermann Georg Fiedler (1862-1945, 1st Taylor Professor of German)
  • Giles Barber (5th librarian 1970-1996)

There are a number of unexpected collections, curiosities and oddities such as

  • A lock of Goethe’s hair which has a manuscript shelfmark due to the authentication letter (MS. 8° G 26)
  • Memories of from a trip to Germany with King Edward VIII in 1913 from the Fiedler Collection
  • Correspondence by the German author Wolfgang Hildesheimer with his Oxford based English translator

Reformation Pamphlets

More information on this: https://editions.mml.ox.ac.uk/topics/reformation.shtml

  1. The beginnings of the indulgence debate

ARCH.8°.G.1518 (5) Sermon von Ablass und Gnade, Basel 1518

ARCH.8°.G.1518 (6) Sermon von Ablass und Gnade, Leipzig 1518

ARCH.8°.G.1519 (8) Collected volume of eight pamphlets, containing as
        8) On Aplas von Rom kan man wol selig werden

  • The Papal debate and Illustrated German literature

ARCH.8°.G.1521(19) Passional Christi und Antichristi, Erfurt 1521

ARCH.8°.G.1524(26) Hans Sachs: First Reformation Dialogue, Augsburg 1524

ARCH.8°.G.1527 (7) Hans Sachs: Prophecy against Papacy, Nuremberg 1527

ARCH.8°.G.1527 (8) Hans Sachs: Prophecy against Papacy, Nuremberg 1527

Historic Poetry Collections

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