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Presenting the History of the Book Projects

Half-way through Hilary term, the History of the Book students presented their work-in-progress. In chronological order:

Vincent Leung: A Catalogue Description of MS. Canon. Ital. 10
Maximilian Krümpelmann: 1520 – Luther’s Year of Freedom. A Taylorian Exhibition
Caroline Godard: Jean Poldo d’Albenas and Guillaume Rouillé, Discours historial de l’antique et illustre cité de Nismes (1560)
Lena Zlock: Crowdsourcing Comenius
Isabelle Riepe: Ashmolean XXVIII.H.6a – Discussing transnational and global connections of Reformation in the Eighteenth Century

Watch this short trailer

Listen to the full presentation.

Feedback welcome! The task for the audience: Observe,
paying special attention to

§the research question (clear? addressed fully?)
§the significance for studying Palaeography / History of the Book
§the presentation technique

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