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Job offer: Archiving the Digital Edition Launches!

As a follow-up of the Digital Edition Launches during Trinity Term 2021, Medium Aevum, Dark Archives, OCTET, and Oxford Medieval Studies are offering a work contract for a Graduate Student to archive the material since a vital part of any digital scholarship today is maximising the scope for its long-term preservation and accessibility to other scholars. The live Digital Editions webinars are also to be deposited on the Zenodo open-access repository [hosted by the Data Centre of CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research]. We therefore seek a graduate medievalist to prepare and upload the webinar recordings, transcriptions and other relevant data to the Digital Editions sub-repository on Zenodo, in compliance with its specifications [see https://www.zenodo.org]. The work is to be completed during summer 2021; the remuneration will be £300 [GBP], for approximately twenty hours of work.

Please contact Dr Stephen Pink ssmll@history.ox.ac.uk for more details.

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