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Job: Two Graduate Assistantships for DH Summerschool

Wanted: Oxford Graduates for ‘History of the Book and Digital Humanities’ UNIQ+ graduate internship project

Emma Huber and Henrike Lähnemann are looking for two Oxford graduate students to work from Monday 5 July to Friday 13 August for overall 35 hours each at the tutorial rate of £27.76 per hour (£31.30 per hour including holiday pay). The assistants will provide project support and technical advice for four undergraduate students working in a group on the UNIQ+ Humanities project 2 on ‘History of the Book and Digital Humanities’.

The assistants will each need to commit to one regular daily contact hour (online) over the course of the five weeks, covering technical support with the editions as well as general information and advice about graduate-level humanities study and research at Oxford. Additional ad hoc hours may also be arranged with individual student participants. Assistants will receive initial training with Emma Huber and Henrike Lähnemann and will be involved in evaluation at the end of the course. The graduate assistants will have the chance to develop their own projects alongside the Uniq+ participants. The internships will be remote but we are hoping to conclude the programme with a mini conference in Oxford taking place on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 August.

About the project: This project will introduce humanities students to the digital research skills and methods necessary for reading books as cultural objects across different European languages. Students will develop their understanding of how digital technology is transforming the traditional scholarly activities of philology, editing and publishing, and gain insights into how the key research challenges are being addressed by linguists and the Taylor Institution Library. Introductory skills training will encompass core techniques in digitisation, transcription and encoding (TEI) together with principles of data modelling, analysis and visualisation. Students will then apply these skills by working on a collaborative group project based on the Treasures of the Taylorian.



  • Experience with peer support or mentoring
  • Experience with teaching

Please apply by sending an email setting out how you meet the criteria above to Henrike Lähnemann (  by Monday 7 June 2021 12noon.

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