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Monk-Calf and Nuns on the Run. Two Reformation Pamphlets from 1523

For Volume 6 of the series ‘Reformation Pamphlets’, a team of Germanists from Halle and Oxford have edited two short polemical texts from 1523 held in the Taylorian by Martin Luther, dealing with the question whether monks and nuns should leave their monastic houses: Deutung der greulichen Figur des Mönchkalbs (‘Interpretation of the Gruesome Figure of the Monk-calf’) and Ursach und Antwort, dass Jungfrauen Klöster göttlich verlassen mögen (‘Reason and Justification Why it Pleases God that Nuns May Leave Their Convents’).

Launch and relay-reading on 1 December 2023, 3-4pm, in the Taylor Institution Library

The volume is available to buy as paperbook or download for free as Ebook of the publication by Florian Gieseler, Henrike Lähnemann, and Timothy Powell. Related digital editions:

For the background on the monstrous birth pamphlet, see also the exhibition on late medieval and early modern monsters.

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