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As Week 5 begins and our projects begin to wrap up, it is with great excitement that we prepare to present our work on Friday, the 13th of August. After all our efforts, validation errors (ahem), and thrilling code-athons, the time is fast arriving to finish this year’s UNIQ+ programme. This mini conference will bring together the excellent work, not just of our group, but of all the UNIQ+ 2021 cohort. For those History of Book enthusiasts, our presentation will take place from 9:40 until 10:20, and will be available to view on YouTube after the event!

The presentation shall begin with Prof. Henrike Lähnemann providing a short introduction to the sammelband The Queen’s College Library Sel.d.81. With short introductions by Mary Newman and Seb Dows-Miller and comments from Emma Huber.

Each intern will present their editions, all available on the Taylor Editions website, in the following sequence:

We will then be closing by singing a couple of the newly edited hymns from the Old Library in St Edmund Hall. We aim to keep it to 30 minutes for the presentation with time for 10 minutes of questions.

Update after the big day: you can now watch our joint presentation online:

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